As you may have understood, my aim is to blend into your existing workflow.

I will be working with your internal staff, your PPC agency, your referral network and, of course, your French speaking customers.

Everything you need to set up a successful e-commerce in France has been thought through and can be adapted precisely to your business, your site, your voice: it's "French-as-a-Service"!

Caroline Tixier

After 24 years of experience, mostly working in B2B internet businesses, I am happy to offer a full catalog of services to you.

Since 1999, I have helped set up French​ affiliates for Swedish, American and British companies and developed a local media for expat information, in English.

Since 2015, I have been localising e-commerce sites for the French market.

You will enjoy working in a cost efficient and flexible way to generate additional sales .

Just get in touch, we can discuss any or all parts of my offer !




 +33 616 172 330

RCS 383 623 063

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