Your website

Words are not meaning.

Contextual clues and local culture are needed to sound French, look credible and generate sales.

Terms & conditions need to be precise and compliant.

This can all be achieved within your internal layouts, policies and tone.

 ► I will localise your entire website in the same tone of voice as the original version.

Your communication

Your buying funnel is loaded with automatic emails to prospects or customers which need to be in proper (human) French.

order confirmation, follow-up on delivery, asking for a review, offering referral bonus.

These need to be up and running in proper and commercial terms.

► I will translate all your automatic communication with customers.

Your legal terms

Are your terms & conditions in line with French regulations?

Are you registered for VAT requirements?

Are you in line with privacy policy and the new GDPR?

► I will review your legal mentions and requirements and keep you up-to-date.

 +33 616 172 330

RCS 383 623 063

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