In April 2016, he EU pblished the new rules for privacy protection; these will replace all 28 country specific regulations on the 28th of April 2018.

Finance & Legal


Your customers

There will be questions!

Either through your existing chat system, by email or phone, prospects and customers will want to be in touch with questions, before or after the sale.

Handling them properly and in their language means respect and returning customers.

► I will handle your customer service in French in direct link with your existing English speaking customer service heroes.

Your reviews

49% of webshoppers read reviews before making a decision about a product or a website.

Reviews also give a regular and relevant update to your website, pushing its SEO.

It is a great tool for customer conversation, to be linked to customer service.

► I will handle reviews and feedbacks to brighten your online reputation in France.

Your follow-up

Talk to your customers and they will come back and bring their friends; but that’s only if you speak their language!

Regular newsletters in French are key to customer retention

Publishing French content on a regular basis in your social medias is staying top of their minds.

► I will make sure your customers become your best ambassadors

 +33 616 172 330

RCS 383 623 063

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